The process to obtain your drivers license is explained in this video and listed below, step-by-step. 

Classroom Lecture
Step 1

Take Drivers Ed Course

*Minimum age requirement: 14.5 years old. Finish course to obtain permit at earliest age of 15.*

Complete 30 hour course permit course. Take course on your time with your device (phone, tablet, desktop) or in a physical classroom*.  Program is focuses on extensive knowledge of how to drive, assessment of risk, development of teenage brain, traffic laws and rules of the road. Extensive permit test review and practice tests included. State certified. 

Driving instructor and woman student in
Step 2

Train & Refine Skill Level

*Minimum age requirement: 15 and must have permit.*

Complete personal behind-the-wheel training with our certified instructors in our top safety pick vehicles. FREE pick up and drop off. Train throughout entire year of holding permit to maximize our training / habit development. Partner with us before student has permit. Complete our Crash Avoidance Course and Winter Driving Course when close to being licensed or licensed.

student driver taking driving test.jpg
Step 3

Pass Physical Driving Test

*1 year from issue date on permit.*

Schedule test prep and test in month eligible for license. The test is approximately 30 minutes in duration. We submit your test results electronically to the DMV, so the license can be upgraded same day. No test will be given at the DMV.  We also offer a drive test prep as a mock test and practice run. The prep significantly decreases nerves.