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Virtual Classroom Program

Our 30 hour Virtual Classroom course provides students with a strong foundation in risk assessment, management and prevention. The course focuses on basic and advanced driver ed topics that equip the student mentally prior to training physically behind the wheel. The delivery of the course is through instructor lecture (pre-recorded), video, applications and worksheets to increase engagement, comprehension and retention of curriculum. Comprehensive assessments provided at the end of each session.  Students who complete our Virtual Classroom are more prepared and excel greatly at our behind the wheel training.

Curious why we don't offer physical classroom any more? Hint: it has nothing to do with Covid. Click here to find out. 

Frequently asked questions

When can I start drivers education?

The minimum age to start the 30 hour online or virtual classrom course in Colorado is 14 years, 6 months of age. We recommend starting the permit course 3-4 months prior to students 15th birthday if wanting to obtain a license by the age of 16. If already 15 or older, finish the 30 hour permit course and obtain permit upon passing permit test.

Can I get my permit before my 15th birthday?

No. The minimum age any permit will be issued in Colorado is 15 years of age. Must complete and pass the 30 hour online or virtual classroom course prior to 15 to obtain permit by 15 years of age. Additionally, the written permit test must be passed before the permit will be issued.

How many training hours does the state require?

If under the age of 18, fifty total hours will have to be proved to the DMV when applying for your license. Of those fifty hours, ten of them have to be logged night time hours. After becomming a student of ours, we will guide you on different acceptable ways to log your practice hours.

Pre-registration - what is it and how do I do complete it?

The DMV requires all students attending a 30 hour online or classroom course to first complete pre-registration. Pre-registration is a simiply way for the DMV to communicate to parents what identification documents are required when applying for a minor permit and ultimately a drivers license. After pre-registering, you'll be given a confirmation number (this is your pre-registration DMV number). This number needs to be provided to Freedom Drivers Ed (either first session of classroom / virtual or put in your online course with no dashes). Your pre-registration number allows for Freedom Drivers Ed to submit student course completions electronically to the DMV on behalf of the student. Click here to begin pre-registration and select "pre-registration steps". Continue to follow the prompts answering the questions appropriately.

What identification documents need to be brought with me to the DMV to have a permit issued?

Click here for a list of required identification documents. You'll have to show proof of name, identify date of birth, social security and lawful presence to obtain a permit in Colorado. Applicants without a lawful presence or temporary lawful presence in the U.S. need the following documents listed with the GREEN heading.

What is the permit test and where do I take it?

The permit test is a written test consisting of 25 multiple choice questions. The test has to be passed at a minimum of 80% (not missing more than 5 questions) for the permit to be issued. The DMV will administer the permit test and issue the permit in the same visit. If the first version is not passed, a second version of the test will be given during the same visit. An appointment must be made to take the test and have the permit issued. Click here to schedule your appointment at the DMV.

What is the passage rate of the permit test and drivers license test?

We have less than 1% of students fail the permit test and drivers license test each year. We pride ourselves in having a very high passage rate because we train our students exceptionally well and significantly beyond the state standard. As long as students put in the effort to comprehend the skills, practice the skills into habit and takes obtaining their permit and license seriously, they can be assured that their chances of passing both tests are very high.

I am having a hard time accessing the worksheets through the email I received, how can I download the worksheets?

If you are having trouble accessing the worksheets from the email, please click this link - register and then download worksheets.

I have my permit, now what?

After you have obtained your permit, you move into the training phase. Congratulations - you can now drive with any licensed driver over the age of 21 who your liable guardian has given permission too. The training phase is the most important phase to give you a skill set to stay a low risk driver. You must hold your permit for 1 year from the issue date before testing for your drivers license. You must complete at a minimum of 6 hours behind the wheel training, log 40 day time hours and 10 night time hours. Click here to download the states drive log. Copy blank logs to reach 40 daytime and 10 night time hours. DO NOT SIGN THE LOG UNTIL AT THE DMV WHEN APPLYING FOR DRIVERS LICENSE. We want to see you soon after receiving your permit for your first behind the wheel training session. Practice 5-10 hours and then schedule your first session. Do NOT wait until the last 6 months of holding your permit to schedule your training sessions - scheduling becomes difficult and this is a disservice to the student because they aren't building the skills we teach into habit. Log onto your Freedom Drivers Ed student account to schedule a session 1-2 months out.

Why do you not offer traditional classrooms?

We value the education being delivered and we have found over the years that students retain and comprehend the curriculum in shorter settings (1.75 hours). For this reason, we believe it's in the students best interest to not expect them to stay mentally engaged for long days (3.5+ hours) and expect they fully understood and comprehended the material. We are training them for more than a license and their education can mean the difference between life and death for them or someone else on the road. We do not take the process to train well or the education of your student lightly. We value their life, others lives and have designed our programs as such. Click here to read more about why we render our 30 hour permit course through a virtual classroom that is shorter sessions (1 hour, 45 minutes).

What time frame is the behind the wheel training rendered in?

Comprehensive training provides three, 2-hour behind the wheel training sessions rendered one every 90 days. 1) It provides time for the student to practice the skills taught during their training session and form those skills into habits. It is recommended that 10-15 practice hours be completed between sessions. We are not in this business to make a fast buck. We value our education and want to partner with parents / students that also see value in training. Car crashes are the number 1 killer of teens age 16-19. Training for a license is no different than training for excellence like any other sport or hobby. 2) It allows us to maintain adequate availability for scheduling all current and new students. If a student needs multiple behind the wheel sessions in 1 quarter, those sessions are being taken away from other students and thus we have to add sessions to instructors' already busy schedules and that incurs a cost.