Drivers Education Teens

Benefits of Our Traditional Classroom Program

Active learning - curriculum taught through lecture, activities, discussions, live instructor, videos, workbook and collaboration with peers.

Flexible schedule - 30 hour course taught in eight -3.5 hour sessions. Attend session 1 first and session 8 last. Sessions 2-7 can be taken out of order and over a few months. 

Accountability - set times and dates allows students to know exactly when they will finish. Ideally, complete course prior to 15th birthday to obtain a license when 16 years old. 

Group Of Teenage Students Collaborating

30 hour classroom permit course is offered during student breaks. CLASSROOM SCHEDULE

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Register Online

Register for selected dates for each session. Start as early as 14 years, 6 months of age. 

Attend Classroom Sessions

Scheduled sessions are listed in student's account. Session dates can be changed at any time!

Take Practice Permit Test

During session 8 we will administer a practice permit test after the extensive review.

Visit DMV to have permit issued

Once student is 15 years of age or older, visit the DMV to take permit test and have permit issued. 


"Contemporary business and some government entities are all about revenue streams and doing the least amount of work for the highest price / profit. I am happily surprised by Freedom's driving program, knowledge base, and quality instruction/instructors. Fantastic experience, timely responses and instructors who genuinely care and provide positive and encouraging feedback and remedial information. Awesome. I don't have enough adjectives to positively describe my experience with this company and their employees."

— Paul R., Father

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