Freedom Drivers Ed, LLC

Driver Education Courses and/or Third Party Testing

Terms and Conditions


Freedom Drivers Ed, LLC (hereafter called school) is approved and regulated by the State of Colorado, Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles, to provide driver education that satisfies law regarding the issuance of instruction permits and driver licenses in Colorado.  Our State of Colorado organization number is 9544.  The school is under contract with the state of Colorado to provide driver education services. If, for any reason, the contract between the state of Colorado and the school is terminated, either permanently or temporarily suspended, by either party to the contract, the school is not liable for any claims, damages, or refunds for services paid for but not delivered under this contract for services.

This agreement is made available for the parent or legal guardians review and printing during the online enrollment process at  Checking the box to agree to these terms and conditions is binding to these terms and conditions. The terms of service can be edited and updated at the discretion of Freedom Drivers Ed. Communication of changes will be sent to all current students and parents by email. By enrolling on the school web site ( or supplying information to be added as a student and making a deposit or payment in full for any services provided by the school, the parent and student agree to the following:

1. Tuitions and Fees

1.1 Tuitions are published at

1.2 Full tuition is due at the time of registration to secure services rendered 


2. Contract Expiration / Reactivation

2.1 For all services purchased this contract expires 18 months from the original join date (payment date) or 12 months from the issue date of permit, whichever occurs first. If out of contract and needing to complete additional services, a contract extension for behind the wheel services or drive test services might be available for purchase. Availability and cost is determined at time of contract extension request and determined by the operational manager. If the contract extension is offered by Freedom Drivers Ed, the offer is only valid for purchase for 30 days from expiration date of original contract. 

2.1.3 All services are forfeited if not scheduled within 18 months or contract extension is not purchased within 19 months of join date. Any additional services can be purchased at current rates.

2.2.   The third party online course expires 4 months from the date the student first logs into the course. An extension can be purchased within the course directly from Welcome Driver. The link for the online course expires 60 days after being issued. A phone call must be made to have the link re-issued and the link fee to re-issue a link is $10

3. Web Site Access and Use

3.1   The school contracts with Drivers Ed Solutions LLC, Altoona, WI to create and maintain the functionality of the school web site located at  Drivers Ed Solutions LLC has additional terms and conditions pertaining to the access and use of the web site.  These additional terms and conditions are made available to the parent or legal guardian during the online registration process and must be agreed to for the registration to be successful.  Any claims related to the registration process, scheduling, or site security are solely the responsibility of Drivers Ed Solutions LLC.

4. Refunds / Transfer of Funds 

4.1 The school does not refund, transfer or exchange packages or partial packages. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required for all students who purchase our 30 hour course or behind the wheel training. If a package is less than the deposit of $250, the school will not refund the purchased services. The deposit is non-transferable and not refundable. Any refund minus the deposit is at the sole discretion of the school. Scheduling services constitutes usage of that service and is considered a rendered service. If any services have not been used in a package,  the school does not refund any "unused" services. The school also does not transfer deposits, tuitions, or fees to other students or between services. The packaged price is discounted as additional services are added. The packaged prices are not reflective of the pricing of individual services.

4.2 The school retains, at its sole discretion, the option of cancelling, or barring individual student access to a scheduled class, behind the wheel session, or testing session (hereafter called events).  Cancelled events can be rescheduled for a later date.  Causes for cancelled events include, but are not limited to, weather conditions, under enrollment, over enrollment, lack of instructor availability, and account balance due.

4.2.1 Refunds will not be granted when a course or event date is re-scheduled. 

5. Damage or Loss of Property

5.1.   Parent or legal guardian is financially responsible for any damages caused by their student.  Damages include, but are not limited to, failing to turn in a text book, damage to the text book rendering it unusable for future classes, damage to rented school property or curriculum, damage to school vehicles while the student is operating the vehicle (other than normal wear and tear), damage to instructional props and equipment, and damage to facilities owned or rented by the school.  The repair or replace decision is solely at the schools' discretion.  Financial settlement is required within 30 days.  Failing to settle your account will result in your account being deactivated. There is a $75.00 fee in addition to the financial settlement to reactive any account that has been deactivated.

6. Inclement Weather Policy 

6.1 In the event of inclement weather, Freedom Drivers Ed holds full discretion to canceling all or any scheduled sessions at any point before or during the session. 

6.2 Freedom Drivers Ed is not required to render any service in any inclement weather. The price of services purchased is based off of rendering them in the most low risk environment possible. Inclement weather significantly increases risk and thus our services will not be rendered in any type of inclement weather. 

6.3 Freedom Drivers Ed will make every attempt to try to reschedule the canceled sessions to the earliest days / times available. 

7. Behind the Wheel Terms and Conditions 

7.1  Tuition for behind the wheel services (packaged or al a carte) includes number of hours purchased divided by 2 to equal the number of rendered services. 

7.2 The time frame in which behind the wheel training is rendered is determined at a minimum by the package selected and purchased during registration. Changing the time frame in which training sessions are rendered is not always available, but if so, the increased cost will be determined by the operational manager. 

7.3 Students must wear closed toed shoes during all behind the wheel training sessions. 

7.4 Students must be present at the scheduled time and pick up location chosen during the scheduling of each session. All scheduled events are visible and editable on the home page of students' account.  Students must be in possession of their state issued instructors permit or drivers license per state law. Photos or copies of the instruction permit or drivers license will not be accepted. 

7.5 Students must wear any required corrective lenses or glasses mandated by the restrictions set forth on their permit or drivers license. 

7.6 A late cancelation fee of $50 is assessed if the behind the wheel session is canceled between 48 hours and 2 hours of the scheduled drive time. This fee exists because we value the time and commitment put forth by our instructors and thus they receive pay if a session is canceled during this time frame. Additionally, a late cancelation causes a 4th session to be scheduled, which incurs additional costs. 

7.7 The scheduled session is considered used if: canceling the session within 2 hours to 0 minutes of the scheduled session, lack of required footwear (required footwear is close toed shoes), not being present at the scheduled time and location, being more than 15 minutes late for the scheduled session, not being in possession of valid permit, not following any driving restrictions associated with state issued permit or license. Additional sessions can be purchased at current rates. 

8.Drive Test / Drive Test Prep Terms and Conditions

8.1 The drive test and drive test prep services are completed in personal vehicle and must be completed within the 18 contract months. The vehicle must have brakes, signals, tail lights, windows and doors in working condition. 

8.2 Customers must be in possession of valid permit, registration card and insurance.

8.3 If under the age of 18, student must hold permit for 365 days before testing for their license. If over age 18, students can receive a permit and license the same day. 

8.4 A re-scheduling fee of $50 occurs if the session is canceled between 48 hours and 2 hours prior to the rendered service. The service is considered used if the canceled between 2 hours and 0 hours of scheduled service or the test/prep cannot be administered due to customers negligence of above listed items (8.1 through 8.2). 

8.5 Any additional drive tests can be purchased at current rates. 

8.6 If just purchasing a drive test prep or drive test or combination package the student has to be previously licensed in the United States. Freedom Drivers Ed will not render a drive test prep or drive test service to a student who has never held a US drivers license without first completing a minimum 2 hours of professional behind the wheel training with Freedom Drivers Ed. During the training session the instructor will include an assessment and recommend more professional training hours if needed. Freedom Drivers Ed will not render the testing services until all recommended training hours have been completed and significant skill improvement is demonstrated. We reserve the right to refuse first or second tests based on our assessment of driving skill. There are no refunds for drive test preps or drive test services.