Drivers License Test - $85

What you are registering for:​​

  • One - 45 minute state required drivers license test

  • Test submitted immediately and electronically so DMV can be visited to have license issued

  • We do not refund drive test prep or drive test services. Please do not register and then ask for a refund. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to process your registration. You will not be able to self schedule until we process your registration. Please chat us online if you have specific questions about availability. 

  • Click here to read about drive test requirements.

  • IMPORTANT: if student has not previously held a US drivers license, we require a minimum of a 2 hour behind the wheel training session BEFORE testing services are rendered. Click here for registration that includes behind the wheel training. The reasoning is to decrease risk for both student, instructor and company. We have to evaluate student's driving skill (motor and mental) before we are willing to get behind the wheel with them in their personal vehicle and administer any drive test services. 

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