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Freedom Drivers Ed - Online PLUS Program Overview

What is the Online PLUS program and why is it superior to an online course?

Freedom Drivers Ed Online Plus Program pairs the convenience of a self paced online course with the accountability and engagement of a physical classroom. Students are given a study plan to finish the 30 hour course in 2 months or 4 months. The program includes 4 live virtual sessions that reinforce concepts, bring awareness, engage parents and increase comprehension and retention of material.

Benefits of the Online PLUS Program

  1. Self paced - take as little or as much time as needed.

  2. Convenient and Flexible - no set days or times to complete lessons

  3. Superior training - needed knowledge of traffic laws, rules of the road, direction on maneuvers and keeping students low risk.

  4. Accountability and increased comprehension / retention - study plans provided that correspond with short (30 to 60 minute) live, virtual, instructor sessions.

  5. Comprehensive training - training from the permit to the license - instead of piecing together information or curriculum from multiple schools. All curriculum is coherent.

Comprehensive and consistent training provides students with the needed knowledge and skill to stay low risk. Training can become challenging if students complete a different online course and then only come to us for behind the wheel training. Additionally, comprehensive training usually receives significant insurance discounts on premiums - which we all can agree is needed. The cost to insure a teen driver can range from $250-400 per month.

Our mission at Freedom Drivers Ed is to impact driver attitudes and elevate skill level. If you'd like to partner with us for drivers ed training, please visit our website at www.freedomdriversedcolorado.com to learn more.

We truly value each student's life and take the time and energy needed to train them exceptionally well.

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