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How to get a Drivers License - Colorado

You might be a teen or a parent reading this post and trying to navigate the complexities of obtaining a drivers license in Colorado.

Well, let us explain the process and steps in a very simply way.

We want to make a bold statement first though - it's more than a drivers license.

Obtaining a license is more than meeting state regulations and standards (which are low). It's more than a plastic card with your photo and address on it.

A drivers license represents a level of maturity, a sense of accomplishment, a rite of passage, an end to adolescence and a beginning to adulthood.

When you start the journey to obtain a drivers license it might be tempting to go with the minimum needed or the cheapest possible. Can we caution you for a minute? We aren't cautioning you to try and sell you our services. We are cautioning you because we care about yours and your teen's life.

Car crashes are the number one killer of US teens. We lose 6 teen drivers every day in the US. Every day, 6 parents are receiving that horrible phone call that their teen was lost in a car accident. We lose an average of over 1 teen driver just in Colorado every week. Hundreds of thousands suffer life changing injuries. This is preventable - but it takes you partnering with a qualified school and training well to build the most defensive driving habits possible.

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we are determined to do our part in lowering these saddening statistics. We train for excellence from start to finish. We teach skills that no other school is qualified or able to adequately instruct. Every skill instructed provides a preventative foundation for avoiding crashes and tickets.

Alright, now that we've spoke about what obtaining a drivers license really means, let's talk about how to obtain a drivers license in Colorado.


  1. Complete 30 hour permit course (we offer the course through our Online PLUS Program or Classroom Program)

  2. Pass states written permit test to obtain a learners permit at age 15 or older (test is 25 questions, multiple choice).

  3. Hold permit for 1 year and train extensively (at a minimum three 2-hour training sessions with us, and log 50 hours with guardian). Complete training sessions every 3-4 months.

  4. Pass states physical driving test to obtain a Colorado drivers license (we administer the test).

The process is really that simply. What becomes challenging is ensuring the habits being formed are ones that will save yours or your teen's life.

Driving isn't what is was 30 years ago and it's our duty to pass on a known skillset to lower accident risk to our children!

To learn more about the life saving skills we teach and to partner with us please visit


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