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4 Steps to obtain your drivers license (under 18)

Freedom Drivers Ed is an expert driving school focusing training on lowering accident risk.

Below are the steps to obtain a drivers license under the age of 18

Step 1: Start drivers education as early as 14 years, 6 months of age (30 hour course online or classroom)

Step 2: obtain permit by passing the permit test at DMV at the minimum of age of 15 and passing the 30 hour drivers ed course.

Step 3: Train and refine skills level. Complete three 2-hour behind the wheel training sessions with Freedom Drivers Ed and log at a minimum of 40 daytime and 10 night hours with guardian. Attend any advanced courses (Winter Driving Course or Crash Avoidance Course)

Step 4: Obtain license by passing the physical drivers license test with Freedom Drivers Ed

Train from the best. Our expertise comes from law enforcement driver training


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