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Confused About Drivers Ed?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we understand the complexities surrounding obtaining a permit and license. We want this process to be easily understood. This is why we have included a quick video explaining how to obtain a permit and license in Colorado. Additionally, we have listed out the steps below.

Obtain Permit

1) Pass 30 hour drivers education course. We offer this course either through our Online PLUS program or physical classroom. Course includes extensive review and practice permit test. Start course as early as 14 years, 6 months of age. Click here to learn more.

2) Visit DMV to take Colorado written permit test and have permit issued. Must be at least 15 years of age.

Train and Refine Skill Level

1) Permit must be held for 1 year if under the age of 18

2) Self-schedule behind the wheel sessions at freedomdriversedcolorado.com.

3) The idea behind the training is to complete a session with Freedom Drivers Ed and then practice the life saving skills taught into habits by logging 10-15 hours of practice time prior to next training session.

4) Log a minimum of 40 daytime and 10 night time hours with guardian.

5) More training time can always be purchased if needed. Just contact Freedom Drivers Ed with your specific situation.

Obtain License

1) Self-schedule drive test prep (not required, but highly recommended) and drive test at freedomdriversedcolorado.com

2) Drive test eligibility date is 1 year from issue date on permit if under the age of 18.

3) Pass physical drivers license test. We will submit the test immediately and electronically.

4) Visit DMV to have license issued

Please visit freedomdriversedcolorado.com to register for our Permit-to-License packages which include all services needed to obtain a permit and license.

Hope this made the process easier to understand. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. 720-253-5830 or support@freedomdriversedcolorado.com

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