Colorado Drivers Education Cost How Much?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Colorado Drivers Education ranges from $525 to $950 per student, depending on how much training and type of training is purchased. At first glance, the ticket price can be deterring. Why does the education cost so much? Everyone drives, so anyone can teach it, right?

These are valid questions and concerns. Freedom Drivers Ed's gets it - why does it cost so much? To best answer this question, we have to first explain the statistics and risks of teen drivers in Colorado.


Teen Driver Statistics

  • Motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of US teens ages 16-19 - IIHS

  • Teens have the lowest seatbelt use. Only about 80% actually buckle up - NHTSA

  • Colorado averages 84 teen deaths per year due to preventable car crashes. There are only 52 weeks in a year, and thus this is losing more than 1 teen driver each week. - Colorado Department of Transportation

  • The overwhelming majority (75%+) of serious teen driver crashes are due to "critical errors", with three common errors accounting for nearly half of these crashes: lack of scanning that is needed to detect and respond to hazards, traveling too fast and distractions. - Study conducted by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute.

  • The majority of newly licensed teen drivers exit the learner's permit period (lack of drivers education) with significant skill deficits, leading to a much higher risk of crashing compared to students who have trained. The most common types of crashes involve left turns, rear-end events and running off the road. - Study conclusion by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute.


Relating Stats to Cost

Now that you have an understanding of the risk associated with teen drivers, it's easy to conclude that not just anyone can teach a teen how to drive safely. To properly prepare and equip a teen with a life saving skill set and attitude towards driving, that team has to be an expert in the field. This is why it's so important to partner with a driving school, such as Freedom Drivers Ed, that brings specific expertise to the table.

Our curriculum comes from our law enforcement driver training expertise. We know the behaviors that cause crashes and we know the skills that lower accident risk. We do not just log drive time with your student. Our training and our mission: to impact driver attitudes and elevate skill level. Our comprehensive training starts from the beginning, before students even get behind the wheel in our 30 hour Online PLUS program or Classroom Program.


Freedom Drivers Ed Training:

  • Comprehensive - providing a 30 hour course to instruct much needed head knowledge prior to beginning to drive. The state of Colorado allows a 4 hour driver awareness course, but ask yourself how much vital information is being lost if you enroll your teen in a 30 hour course or a 4 hour course - thats a loss of 24 training hours.

  • Elevates Skill Level AND Impacts Driver Attitudes - we focus on our training on these two aspects, because these are the two reasons why Colorado is losing over 1 teen every week to preventable car crashes.

  • Advanced Training - we offer a Crash Avoidance Course and Winter Driving Course that continues to refine student's skill level and equips them with the knowledge and muscle memory to avoid a crash or recover from a skid.


Does the Cost Still Sound Too High?

For a minimal investment of $525 to $950, you're providing your teen with a skill set and attitude that can save their life. Is that worth it to you? The analogy we like to use is training for any hobby or sport is the same as training to drive. No one is born knowing how to swim and yes, as a parent, you could probably teach your child the basics of how to swim. However, can you teach your child the correct form for different strokes or how to hold their breath or how to minimize energy consumption if they were stranded in a body of water?

Driving is analogous to learning to swim. Yes, you can probably teach your teen the basics. However, can you instruct on traffic laws, proper seating position to maximize safety, proper mirror adjustments to maximize zone control, searching patterns to lower risk, hazard detection and reaction, timing and scanning of intersection searches or emergency maneuvers?

You wouldn't throw your child into a raging ocean, not knowing how to swim. So please do not throw your teen onto the roads with out first training well.

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