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Drivers Education in Colorado - Physical Classroom Vs. Online Education

Updated: Mar 15

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we understand that there is confusion surrounding the differences of a physical classroom education and online education as it pertains to our 30 hour permit course. We want to explain the differences so you have a clear understanding and can make the best decision for your student.

Over many decades of serving Colorado teens and their parents through the licensing period, we have come to realize that the majority of driving schools are simply in this industry to provide services that meet state requirements for licensing. The state of Colorado only requires logged time for 30 hour permit course and 6 hours of behind the wheel, what is actually being taught and how is not regulated and changes dramatically from school to school.

Before we jump into the differences between a physical classroom and an online course, we would like you to answer this question: what is the purpose of drivers education? For us, the purpose of drivers education is to equip students and parents with a life saving skill set, that when practiced into habit, significantly lowers their students risk of a crash or ticket. The purpose of drivers education is NOT to simply meet logged classroom or drive time (window shield time) to meet state requirements.

What is actually being taught and the method of delivering curriculum matters immensely for your students success.

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we do not offer our 30 hour permit course to be taken in a physical classroom. The reason for this is very simple, but eye opening. We value our education and believe it's very important for students to retain and comprehend what is being taught. With that being said, it's not in the student's best interest to place him/her in a physical classroom for 8+ hours, for 4 consecutive days to "complete" drivers education. Most students mentally check out after 2.5 hours.

This is why we have designed our online permit course with comprehension, retention AND flexibility in mind. We offer our 30 hour permit course to be taken on ANY DEVISE at ANY TIME! Although some might believe sitting in a physical classroom is required to learn drivers education, we have first hand experience of the complete opposite. Our intention is always to serve students the best.

We know that students or parents might believe that a physical classroom is a better education, but we would caution you to fully understand what is actually being taught during that time and is the course designed to increase retention and comprehension. Additionally, what expertise does the school have? At Freedom Drivers Ed, our expertise comes from law enforcement driver training and so we are very particular and direct about what behaviors increase risk and what skills decrease risk. If you're curious about the 5 Top Questions to Ask When Comparing Driving Schools, click here.

Obtaining a license is so much more than meeting state requirements.

Training for a license includes partnership with the right, qualified school that will be able to instruct a tangible skill set that is known to statistically lower risk.

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we are laser focused at providing the skills that can save your teen's life. However, we need parents to also value their teen's driver education and ensure the school they've partnered with is fully capable and competent at providing a skill set that is preventing a crash or ticket.

As a parent, this is the only time to partner with professionals to help train your student exceptionally well. Once a minor is licensed, we rarely see them for any additional training. We beg you to think about their life and the lives of others as we are facing a major public health crisis as car crashes are the number one killer of teens ages 16-19. Help us with our mission of changing this statistic.

Want all the specifics regarding our programs, click here!

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