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Drivers Ed - Why Training Early Matters

Okay, so you've obtained your permit, now what?

Begin professional behind the wheel training!

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we highly recommend you log into your student portal and schedule your first training session about 3-4 weeks out. Not a student yet, become one!

During the 3-4 weeks leading up to your first training session, practice your targeting, smooth braking and acceleration in a parking lot with a guardian. If comfortable, drive in residential areas and low traffic areas to gain confidence on basic motor control of the vehicle. Log 5-10 hours of practice time.

Benefits of training early after receiving a permit:

  1. Student receives professional knowledge regarding a foundational skill set that will be built upon during further training sessions.

  2. Student leaves the training session knowing exactly what skills to practice and how to practice them. This sets the foundation for strong defensive driving habits.

  3. Student's confidence increases significantly. Parents and students feel safe while starting to log 50 hours of drive time.

  4. We can begin to speak and coach regarding how important driving attitudes are. It's not just physical skill we are training.

  5. A partnership between us and parents is formed in the beginning and this provides a greater chance of producing a successful, safe, defensive, teen driver.

Not a student yet, well you can easily become one. We are top rated in your community. Our mission is to change the current driving statistic that car crashes are the number one killer of teens age 16-19.

Freedom Drivers Ed is not just a driving school that meets state standards. We exceed them by focusing on each individual and training for excellence. Our training elevates skill level and impacts driver attitudes.

We also offer advanced courses such as our Crash Avoidance Course and Winter Driving Course.

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