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Colorado Move Over Law

A Colorado State Patrol Trooper was nearly hit by another vehicle while performing a traffic stop on I-25 in Adams County Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022. Now, CSP is using dash cam video from the incident to remind drivers about Colorado's "Move Over" law. (Courtesy: Colorado State Patrol).

Traffic-related incidents are the leading cause of death for on-duty law enforcement officers, fire, EMS, maintenance workers, and tow/recovery professionals. Many of these incidents could have been prevented if motorists had followed Colorado’s Move Over Law, which requires drivers to move over a lane when approaching stopped emergency or maintenance vehicles.

In total, the Colorado State Patrol has lost 11 troopers who were struck by passing motorists. All 50 states have “Slow Down, Move Over” laws but fewer than 30 percent of Americans understand the law, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Traffic incidents are the number one cause of death for police officers and EMS responders nationwide.

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we stress multiple times during our permit course and behind the wheel training the immense importance of the move over law and its implication. If your teen has completed our training, make sure to ask them what the move over law is and remind them frequently. As for licensed adults, take this as your reminder to slow down and move over for parked emergency vehicles - had the red van in this video simply followed the law, neither would have been in a crash. Had the Colorado State Trooper been just a few seconds slower, he would have been hit directly by the red van and most likely lost his life. Think about the ripple effect one simple decision has - to follow the law or not.

As your Top Rated, Most Qualified driving school in Colorado, we are dedicated to always providing awareness and education to our students and the public to help keep our roads safer for everyone.

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