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Colorado - Graduated Drivers License Laws (GDL)

Graduated drivers license laws are set in place by each state and differ dramatically depending upon which state a minor is licensed in. The specific laws we are going to explain in this short article is AFTER a minor (17 or younger) is licensed.

GDL laws serve the main purpose of lowering crash and ticket risk for licensed teens AND everyone else on the road. The key, however, is ensuring that each licensed teen follows these laws and understands their purpose.

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we educate parents and teens regarding these laws in our 30 hour permit course as well as during behind the wheel training. However, once the student is licensed, it is the minor's and parent's responsibility to ensure these laws are followed.

So what are the laws and what purpose do they serve? Read below for all Colorado GDL laws that pertain to licensed minors.


  1. Zero passengers under the age of 21 for the first 6 months of holding a license

  2. One passenger under the age of 21 for the second 6 months of holding a license

  3. NO CELL PHONE USE - zero-zip-nothing! No phone calls, no music through phone, no texting, no updating social status. The phone should be out of sight and out of mind (we recommend placing in center console or glove box on silent).

  4. No driving between 12am-5am


  1. If there is a licensed adult age 21 or older in the front seat, the licensed teen can drive with as many passengers as they have seat belts in their vehicle.

  2. Siblings are an exception to passenger laws, however, we would highly caution parents in letting their two or three minor children ride with a newly licensed sibling. Siblings can be just or more distracting as minor friends and the risk for a crash and traffic ticket almost doubles for every additional minor passenger.

  3. Cell phones can be used while driving and in an emergency (suspicion of being followed, calling 911 to report a crime or crash, etc).

  4. A minor can drive during the curfew time if traveling to or from work or school with a letter from either their employer or school officials.

Again, research has shown significant decrease in crash and ticket risk for parents who enforce strict GDL laws and students who follow them.

Parents, we ask for your commitment and dedication to continuing to help keep our roads safe and enforce all GDL laws with your licensed minor.

Have further questions or you're wondering how Freedom Drivers Ed, as educators, are doing our part to create safer roads please visit freedomdriversedcolorado.com

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