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5 Top Questions to Ask When Comparing Driving Schools

It's is so important to take time to compare driving schools. Not every driving school is created equally. Being state certified only means that the school is proficient at being able to keep clean records of attendance time for the 30 hour permit course or behind the wheel training.

Being state certified does not mean that the expertise or training is quality and there is significant discrepancies and differences between training methods across driving schools.

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we value quality education. Our mission is to change the current driving statistics by Elevating Skill Level and Impacting Driver Attitudes. Our training is comprehensive and expertise is from law enforcement driver training - the best trained drivers. All of our training is in preventative driving techniques. We also offer advanced courses that train students in reactive driving techniques.

Below is a list of questions we highly recommend you ask each driving school when deciding which one to partner with.

Your teen's life depends upon habit development of specific skills known to lower crash risk.

1) What is the focus and purpose of the 30 hour permit course?

At Freedom Drivers Ed, the focus and purpose of the 30 hour permit course is to equip students with extensive head knowledge of: how to drive, how their decisions affect themselves and others, development of the teenage brain and how to properly assess risk while driving. We do NOT teach to pass the permit test. Although, we do have a 99% passing rate.

2) What is the focus and purpose of the behind the wheel training?

At Freedom Drivers Ed, the focus and purpose of behind the wheel training is to equip students with physical and mental skills that are known to lower crash / ticket risk. The students and parents job is to practice those skills extensively so that they become habit. We then assess habit development and progress onto more challenging environments and maneuvers. Each training session includes assessment, evaluation and new instruction of skills. We constantly refine students skill level and impact their attitudes about driving. We do NOT teach to pass the drivers test. However, we have a 99% passage rate for students who complete comprehensive training with us. We do not just log drive time, like so many schools do.

3) What expertise does the school offer that is going to best train your teen?

At Freedom Drivers Ed, our curriculum (30 hour permit course, behind the wheel training and advanced courses) comes from law enforcement driver training. We have extensive knowledge regarding what driving behaviors cause crashes and which ones don't. This information and knowledge is paramount to your student's success to stay crash and ticket free. If the school doesn't offer any additional expertise, then what is the difference from you training them?

4) How does the school create a partnership between parents and school that will best benefit and train your student?

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we believe that each group (educators, parent's, teen) play a vital role in training a student to become a safe driver for life. Parents are extremely important in the process and thus we strive to create a strong relationship between you and us. We walk you through the process, we communicate regarding your student's skill progression and we provide ample resources. We do NOT just take your money and leave you to figure everything out alone.

5) What additional advanced courses are offered for reactive training?

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we offer a few courses that are considered advanced training. The courses are considered advanced because student's are meant to be licensed or close to it. We offer a Mountain Drive, Downtown City Drive, Crash Avoidance Course and Winter Driving Course. The Crash Avoidance Course and Winter Driving Course are reactive training, compared to pre-licensed training - which is preventative training. A school's ability to provide advanced courses is a demonstration and evidence that supports their expertise level.

Our hope is that you'd take the time to research driving schools and partner with the most qualified driving school in your area!

It's more than meeting state standards of attendance time - what is actually being taught and conducted during that time?

To enroll or learn more about Freedom Drivers Ed, please visit freedomdriversedcolorado.com

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