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5 Life Changing Costs to NOT Partnering with Expert Drivers Education

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we get it... your goal is to license your teenager or young adult as quickly as possible and with the least amount of work or money. We understand the current driving culture - meet the minimum state requirements to receive a permit or license. We understand you're strapped for time, energy, money and resources. We also know what saves lives. Quality and expert drivers education (quality and expert being the key words) is an investment in not only your teen's life, future and finances.... it's an investment in all of society.

We saw 671 deaths caused by preventable crashes in Colorado in 2021, the highest number of deaths since 2002. We lost an average of 13 people a week in Colorado last year, 2 of those being teenagers each week. We are in a public heath crises.. and have been for a few decades.

Let us show you just how much of an investment quality drivers education really is. Here are 5 life changing costs to NOT parenting with Freedom Drivers Ed. Click arrow to expand each topic.

Loss of Life

We can't put a dollar amount on loss of life. There is no amount of money that will bring someone back. However, we can give you a concrete dollar and time amount of costs if your teen is the one who causes loss of life. According to the NSC, the average cost of a fatal motor vehicle crash is $1.41 million. The average jail sentence is 6 years in prison if no alcohol or drugs are involved. If alcohol or drugs are involved, the jail sentence is doubled to 12 years. Although we hate thinking about our own children ever causing such a tragic outcome, if we do not invest in their training, we are not setting them up for success. A young adult's life is forever changed if they are in prison for 6 to 12 years. They won't be able to attend college, travel, start a family, get married, pursue their dreams, etc.

Loss of Ability

Heavy Financial Burdens

Loss of Time and Potential

Higher Insurance Premium Costs

Do you think about quality drivers education different now? Do you see the impact you can have on not only your own teen's life, future, and finances , but also on society by partnering with us in our mission?

Our hope is to spark a movement of parents that are incredibly invested in their teen's drivers education and will partner with us. We are the educators, but we cannot change the sad crash statistics on our own.

To learn more about who we are, our mission and to partner with us visit freedomdriversedcolorado.com

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