Frequently asked questions

Holistic Digital Transformation Strategy

Simply fine-tuning your systems to deliver certain functionalities is putting Band-Aids on a huge problem that will cost you more in the long run. To avoid that, we navigate your total digital transformation and automation efforts and the post-implementation environment with an engagement with our Application Continuity Center (ACC), resulting in an exponential boost of your resiliency and efficiency.

Cloud Transformation

Contrary to popular belief, migrating to the cloud saves you money, not the opposite. We migrate locked-in vendor solutions to the latest technologies to optimize IT costs by an average of 20% annually. When selecting cloud apps for your company, we think holistically so they can work together to be more than the sum of their parts.

Data & Analytics

Data within HealthTech is growing at an astronomical rate and we help organizations use their data resources to deliver value-based services. In this way, we enhance patient engagement and grow your revenue exponentially. To achieve these tangible business results, we use end-to-end data strategies and tailored solutions in the areas of Transactional Databases, Enterprise DWH and Data Analytics.

Legacy System Modernization

Legacy systems are the single biggest obstacle in the way of innovation and business opportunities. We do major revamping of your systems and make them future-proof, resulting in a centralized view of your data from a variety of sources within the organization. Through the modernization process we will also optimize your expenses for licensing, support and maintenance.

End-to-End Platform/Solution Development

After the pandemic, users expect easy-to-use omni-channel engagement with their healthcare providers instead of obsolete solutions with limited functionalities. Therefore, the telehealth platforms we create have superior UX/UI and personalized capabilities: patients can access their medical records, schedule appointments in just a few clicks, check lab results and video chat effortlessly with their healthcare providers.