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Behind -the-Wheel Training

Training physically behind the wheel is where the rubber meets the road - literally. Getting behind the wheel with a certified, professional, highly-trained Freedom Drivers Ed instructor will significantly increase the success rate of a student developing driving habits that are known to lower risk of a crash and traffic ticket. 

Frequently asked questions

When should I start my behind the wheel training sessions?

After receiving your permit from the DMV, Freedom Drivers Ed would like students to be familiar with steering smoothly and accurately as well as brake and acceleration control. These skills are best practiced wtih a guardian in a parking lot with minimal parked vehicles and traffic / pedestrians. We strongly recommend the following schedule for professional behind the wheel training: Book first training session: after completing 5-10 practice hours with guardian Book second training session: after completing 25-30 practice hours with guardian Book third training session: after completing 40-45 practice hours with guardian Progression through the 6 hour behind the wheel training curriculum is best achieved if students practice a minimum of 10-15 hours between each session. This allows for proper habit development of taught skills known to lower accident risk. Students who wait until the end (less than 6 months prior to drive test eligibility date) may be disappointed to find significant scheduling difficulties and increased fees for completing training prior to testing eligibility date. Waiting also is a huge disservice to the student because they do not have enought practice time to build the skills we teach into habit.

What is the purpose of spacing out the training by 28 days

We recommend spacing out the behind the wheel training at least 28 days for two reasons. 1) It provides time for the student to practice the skills taught during their training session and form those skills into habits. It is recommended that 10-15 practice hours be completed between sessions. We are not in this business to make a fast buck. We value our education and want to partner with parents / students that also see value in training. Car crashes are the number 1 killer of teens age 16-19. Training for a license is no different than training for excellence like any other sport or hobby. 2) It allows us to maintain adequate availability for scheduling all current and new students. If a student needs multiple behind the wheel sessions in 1 month, those sessions are being taken away from other students and thus we have to add sessions to instructors' already busy schedules and that incurs a cost. Overriding the 28 day period of time between sessions can be done by students who have chosen comprehensive training with us (30 hour permit course + 6 hours behind the wheel) by paying the override fee of $55 per added sessions within 28 days, for a maximum of $110. Please call us first to inquire about availability. Students who did not choose to do comprehensive training with us and only purchased the 6 hours behind the wheel will have to upgrade to an accelerated program and that is the difference at current rates. *subject to availability If needing more than 6 hours behind the wheel, please call our office to discuss your unique situation and determining the best schedule for training. Overriding the 28 day period is only available to students who completed their permit course with us and can be done by paying the overrride fee of $55 per added sessions within 28 days, for a maximum of $110. Please call us first to inquire about availability. If needing more than 6 hours behind the wheel, please call our office to discuss your unique situation and determining the best schedule for training.

How many training hours does the state require?

If under the age of 18, fifty total hours will have to be proved to the DMV when applying for your license. Of those fifty hours, ten of them have to be logged night time hours. After becomming a student of ours, we will guide you on different acceptable ways to log your practice hours.

Does behind the wheel training have to be completed prior to taking the drivers license test?

No. The only requirement the state has for drive test eligibility is holding your permit for 1 year from the issue date on your permit if under the age of 18. The state of Colorado does require proof of training if 16.5 or younger when applying for a license. However, we would strongly encourage you to go through proper training prior to taking your licensing test as training is meant to help prepare you to become the most low risk, safe driver possible. The drivers license test is not an indicator on safety level. The states standard test is meant to test basic skills.

What is required to start behind the wheel training with Freedom Drivers Ed?

The required items are: -a valid (not expired) permit *(no photocopies, texts, or images will be accepted). By law, the driver has to be in possession of their physical permit or drivers licnese. A valid permit, means its not expired. *a paper permit requires a document that proves your identify with a photo (student school ID) -Restictions listed on permit *contacts or eye glasses *hearing aids -Close toed shoes *We require close toed shoes to limit risk with a student driver. *No flip flops or sandals

Why is there no availability showing for behind the wheel sessions?

There are several reason why you might not be seeing availability. 1) If you have already scheduled the maximum number of sessions you purchased or you have not paid any outstanding balance then you will not be able to self schedule. 2) Each session defaults to 28 days between each other. If you have a session scheduled, advance the calendar 28 days after your scheduled session to see more availability. 3) Next months availability has not been uploaded yet and allowed for self scheduling. The first of each month, the subsequent months' availability is available. Log in on the first of each month to see the most availability.

Is there an expiration date for the training sessions?

All packages and services purchased have an 18 month contract. Services purchased must be completed within 18 months from the join date. A contract extension can be purchased up to 20 months of the join date for an extension fee. All unused services expire without the option of an extention 20 months after join date and thus if more services are needed they can be purchased at current rates.