Benefits of Our Behind-the-Wheel Training 

Teenager Having Driving Lesson With Fema

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Register Online

Register for desired hours behind the wheel training. Please allow 1-2 business days to process registration

Schedule Training

After registration is processed, self-schedule training sessions. Sessions available 7 days a week, 4 time slots a day. Sessions are rendered at a minimum of 28 days apart. Click here to learn why?

Practice Skills

Practice the specific skills taught to continue great habit development. More training time can always be purchased from us if needed!

Schedule Drive Test Services

After you have trained, schedule your physical drivers license test services. Click here for drive test requirements. We also offer advanced training - Winter Driving Course and Crash Avoidance Course


"Contemporary business and some government entities are all about revenue streams and doing the least amount of work for the highest price / profit. I am happily surprised by Freedom's driving program, knowledge base, and quality instruction/instructors. Fantastic experience, timely responses and instructors who genuinely care and provide positive and encouraging feedback and remedial information. Awesome. I don't have enough adjectives to positively describe my experience with this company and their employees."

— Paul R., Father