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Benefits of Our Crash Avoidance Course

Training specifically on how to avoid accidents- course is designed to equip drivers with the know how and muscle memory to avoid accidents.

Skills taught include:  how to brake and evade, emergency swerve and braking at high and low speeds, perception / reaction drills, precision backing drills and off road recovery. All skills modeled after driver training for law enforcement.

Peace of mind- reassurance that all training was completed to best prepare yourself or your teen with life saving skills.

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Students will not only gain new skills, but also gain a greater awareness of how much time passes between perceiving a threat, reacting to a threat, and then maneuvering or stopping the vehicle. Students will experience firsthand the relationship between time and space in a moving vehicle - an invaluable skill for a defensive driver.

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The course is conducted at the same training facility that all EVOC use. The location is off Highway 85 and Titan Rd. 


Course is completed in personal vehicle and students must be licensed or almost licensed.

Skills Taught

Emergency swerve and braking at high and low speeds

Perception / reaction drills

Precision backing drills

Slide prevention 


  • June 28, 2020 from 1-5pm

  • Sept 26, 2020 from 1-5pm

  • Nov 14, 2020 from 1pm-5pm (weather permitting). 

Course is worth $350, package it up front to save $150

Call us to book this course separate from a package or to add to your current students account. 


"Contemporary business and some government entities are all about revenue streams and doing the least amount of work for the highest price / profit. I am happily surprised by Freedom's driving program, knowledge base, and quality instruction/instructors. Fantastic experience, timely responses and instructors who genuinely care and provide positive and encouraging feedback and remedial information. Awesome. I don't have enough adjectives to positively describe my experience with this company and their employees."

— Paul R., Father

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