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Virtual Classroom Drivers Ed + 1/2 off Drive Test (exceeds state requirements)

What you are registering for:​​


  • 30 hour permit course rendered in 15 self-scheduled, virtual, instructor led sessions (each session is 1.75 hours long)

  • Self schedule sessions - complete at students pace - click here to see virtual classroom schedule

  • Extensive permit test review and practice tests 

  • Excellent training that exceeds states minimum to obtain a permit - expertise from law enforcement driver training

  • Training focused on elevating skill level and impacting driver attitudes


  • 6 Hours behind the wheel training

    • Three - 2 hour sessions rendered at a minimum of 90 days apart.​ Why is that?

  • FREE pick up and drop of at home, school or work for behind the wheel sessions*

  • Life saving skills that will lower students accident risk

  • Discounts on auto insurance once training is complete


  • State required drive test to obtain license 

  • Half off cost of drive test. Other half will be collected once test is scheduled ($50).

*additional behind the wheel training sessions, Crash Avoidance Course and Drive Test Prep can be added later if desired. 

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